Stable Day (New day starts at 11pm, not midnight) Auspicious Activities: – Travel – Pray – Business opening – Trade – Digging – Signing Contract – Seeking help – Job Interview Inauspicious Activities: – Moving – Wedding – Important Medical treatment – Making accusations/Being a plaintiff in Lawsuit Auspicious hours: 11pm -3am, 3pm -7pm In general,Continue reading “DAILY FENG SHUI TONG SHU ALMANAC FORECAST 08/12/2018”

Ren/ 壬 & Gui/ 癸 Water Day Master

Ren Yang water generally represents large bodies of water such as ocean, sea, rivers and lakes all of which are vital for survival of all species . Gui Yin water on the other hand, represents dews, mist and rain which give life to all living things. In season, water element represents winter. If the qiContinue reading “Ren/ 壬 & Gui/ 癸 Water Day Master”

Jia Wood DM with Balanced /Slightly Weak Qi

Many thanks to a paid customer who was very kind to allow me to publish his reading on my blog.  Gender: Male DOB: Paid Chart Reading. Solar time of the day: 5:05pm Main concerns: Difficulty with relationship and wishing to know the best location for him. Day Master/DM: Jia Yang Wood. Chinese zodiac animal: TigerContinue reading “Jia Wood DM with Balanced /Slightly Weak Qi”