The 10 Gods

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In Bazi reading, we often use the 10 gods (or Stars) to interpret the chart. In this post, I will briefly explain what is the meaning of the 10 gods and the relationship between the 10 gods and the DM.

  • Direct Officer/DO or Qi Sha/Seven Killings (Power/Influence) is the  element that controls Day Master/DM such as water can put out fire and earth can contain water. The same polarity as to DM is Qi Sha, the opposite polarity is DO. For Female, they represent husband or love partner. For male, they represent offsprings.  They also represent DM’s boss in work.
  • Direct Resource/DR or Indirect Resource/IR is the element that generates DM such as water gives life to wood/plants and metal comes from earth. The same polarity as to DM is IR, the opposite polarity is DR. Resource element represents DM’s mother or step mother.
  • Direct Wealth/DW or Indirect Wealth/IW is the element that DM controls such as fire can melt metal, Ax made by metal can cut wood. The same polarity as to DM is IW, the opposite polarity is DW. For male, they represent wife or lover. Wealth also represents DM’s father.
  • Friend/F or Rob Wealth/RW (Companion) is the element that is the same as the DM. The same polarity as to DM is F, the opposite polarity is RW. They represent siblings, friends, competitors.
  • Eating God/EG or Hurting officer/HO (Output) is the Expression element that DM generates such as wood produces fire. The same polarity as to DM is EG, the opposite polarity is HO. For Female, they represent DM’s children. They also represent talents, communication skills.

Geng/庚 & Xin/辛 Metal Day Master

pexels-photo-262113.jpegGeng Yang Metal generally represents hard unbendable metal such as iron which can be made into weapons, knife, sword and ax. Xin Yin metal on the other hand, represents soft metal such as precious gold and silver. In season, Metal element represents autumn.

If a Geng DM is strong,  it needs yin fire Ding to transform the raw metal to useful weapons or tools and Jia wood to serve its purpose.  If a Geng DM is weak, it needs earth and metal for strength and dislikes strong fire to melt the metal or deep earth to bury it.

If a Xin DM is strong, it loves water to cleanse it so it can shine. If a Xin DM is weak, it needs balanced wet earth (the key here is not too much earth) and friend stars for support. Unlike Geng Yang metal, Xin Yin metal generally likes balanced water and dislikes Ding fire despite its strengh.  If Geng or Xin DM is born in winter, it will be best to have Bing sun for warmth.

In general, metal symbolizes justice, righteousness. Similarly Geng metal people tend to be just, firm and stubborn. They are single minded and once they make a decision, nothing will stop them from pursuing it. They love challenges and fight for the right cause. Having a purpose is most important for Geng DMs. Strong Geng people tend to have unhappy experiences. Compared to Geng people, Xin DMs are less stubborn and more refined. Xin people tend to be attractive and have good social skills.

In Health, Geng represents large intestine and Xin represents lung

Wu/戊 & Ji/己 Earth Day Master

pexels-photo-762679.jpegWhile Wu Yang earth represents mountains, strong rock walls, or the solid earth containing rivers (Ren/壬 Yang water), lakes.., Ji yin earth represents garden soil– produce crops (Yi乙 Yin wood), brings food to our tables.

If a Wu day master is strong, we can picture it as deep and solid earth. Its most important purpose would be to contain a large body of the water which are used as irrigation or performing other vital tasks. Its second purpose would be to give breeding grounds for the large trees (Jia甲 Yang wood). If a Wu day master is weak, it means the earth is loose and shallow. It can not holds water nor grow large trees, it will be best used as garden soil and grow some vegetables, flower plants (Yi Yin wood) to holds the soil to prevent soil loss. If the Wu earth is born in winter, it needs the sun(Best Bing Yang Fire)  to warm it up.  On the contrary, If the Wu is born in the hot summer, then it needs water (Ren or Gui water) to even the temperature.

Comparing to Wu earth, Ji is soft, loose and moist soil which is perfect for growing vegetables,flowers and brushes. We can also see Ji earth as a small portion of the Wu earth. It can’t contain large body of the water. If a Ji day master is strong, we can see it as Wu earth, which has the ability to support large trees’s roots system. If a Ji day master is weak, then it is best to see some friends (Wu戊 yang earth) to help the Ji or the roots of Yi Yin wood to holds the soil together, and not having any Jia near the day master. Same as the Wu earth, if the Ji is born in winter, it needs the Sun to warm up the soil.

Now let’s take a look at Earth’s characteristics. In general, Earth symbolizes trustworthy. Well balanced earth day masters tend to be truthful, loyal, generous and friendly. They have great endurance to difficult situation and tolerance to others’ faults. While Wu earth can be inflexible and prefer routines, they can lose opportunities due to this nature. On the other hand, Ji earth is more flexible and acceptable. They are attentive and caring. They can be great providers to their family and close friends.

In health, Wu represents stomach and Ji represents spleen.

2018 Flying Stars

Flying starThe above picture shows the Flying Stars of 2018.  Since we are in period 8 until 2024, the most auspicious Stars are star 8, 9 and 1.

This year, the star 9 (You Bi) purple enters the center palace. 9 Purple is a Yin Fire star and It is seen as a star of future wealth. If an office, or the main door is located in this area, It can bring career opportunities, promotions and happy relationships.

The Star 8 white is an Yang Earth star and it is most auspicious of the 3. It is seen as a star of wealth, prestige and fame. It will bring financial gain, success if your office is located in this area.

The Star 1 white is a Yang water star and it is also seen as a future auspicious star which is associated with fame, reputation and wisdom. If an office or main door is located in this area, it will bring luck for intellectual pursuits.

In the current period, the most ominous stars are star 2 and 5. Both Star 2 and 5 are earth elements. While star 2 represents sickness, star 5 can bring crisis, financial loss, sickness, even lawsuit when disturbed. If your bedroom, or office, or main door is located in this area, make sure you keep this area clean and use some fengshui cures to balance the bad QI.

LiChun/立春 2018

pexels-photo-72161.jpegFrom February 4th 5:28am, the year of 2018 Wu Xu/戊戌 officially starts. Anyone who is born after this time has the Dog zodiac sign.

For many people, this year can signify big changes as the last two years fire metal had played the major roles. Now the earth enters the play. For people whose favorite element is earth, this year might bring many opportunities for them. On the contrary, if earth is unfavorable for you, this year may bring some difficulties in life and it may take more effort for you to achieve your goals.

The following zodiac signs are clashing with the Tai Sui/太岁 the Grand Duke of the year: 🐕, 🐉,🐂, 🐓. If your zodiac signs are one of the 4, this year also may bring some unfavorable events or health issues. Please take caution and stay calm and positive.

At here, I wish everyone a happy 2018!

Bing/丙& Ding丁 Fire Day Master

pexels-photo-417142.jpegWhile Bing Yang fire is pictured as Sun, Ding yin fire is seen as candle light, lamp light..

We all know that Sun brings warmth, light to our world and also  photosynthesis for all the plants. A Bing day master is best to be born during daytime especially during Sunrise. During that time, it is not too hot and the sun provides perfect light for everything. If a Bing day master is born in the evening, then it loses its purpose. It may still contain warmth, but won’t able to provide light.

Comparing Sun light, Ding yin fire is a weak fire.  A candle light can’t compete with the Bing Sun light during day time. However, when sun goes down, candle light become very important. It provides light and warmth in dark cold place. Therefore, it is best for a Ding day master to come to this world in the evening then it can best serve its purpose.

Now let’s take a look at Fire’s characteristics:  in general, fire symbolizes courtesy, good manners. Well balanced fire people are passionate, impulsive, energetic, artistic /art lover, good at expressing themselves and generally great public speakers. Their mood can change very quickly and become quite aggressive or provocative when being agitated. They are not a person who backs up from a fight though they are never a bully. They always look for happiness and satisfaction and love being the center of the attention. In most case, they are social creatures especial for Bing day master.

In health, Bing represents small intestine and Ding represents heart. Too strong or too weak fire day master can have heart and small intestine related health problems.

Jia/甲 and Yi/ 乙 Wood Day Master


Jia Yang wood is portrayed as a very tall tree with large trunk while Yi Yin wood is generally pictured as flowers and plants other than tall large trees.

If a Jia day master is strong, it means that it is already a full grown large tree. In this stage, first in order for it to achieve its highest potential, it needs Geng /庚 yang Metal to transform it to valuable furniture and so on. If without Geng, then it also needs some amount of sunlight, enough earth to support its large roots system, and small amount of water.

If a Jia day master is weak, it means that it is still in a very young age. In order for a young tree to grow healthy and tall, it needs to be nurtured with certain amount of water (either Ren/壬 Yang water or Gui/ 癸 Yin Water,  Sunlight (Bin/ 丙 Yang fire),  some earth (Best Chen/辰  Yin Earth, not Xu/ 戌 Yang Earh), and lastly very little Yang Metal to prune it to the upright shape. The key here for all elements except metal is balance, not too much or too little.

Comparing to Jia, Yi is less strong and more delicate. In order for Yi to thrive, it has higher needs for its environment .  Therefore, Yi people tend to have weak health than any other elements. Though don’t feel bad! To compensate this,  the Yi people are generally prettier/ handsomer ;-).

Now let’s take a look at Wood’s Characteristics: In general, Wood symbolizes humanity and kindness. Well balanced wood people are kind and generous. They generally are tall, confident and good looking. They may appear to be very calm and quiet, but actually they are straightforward, strong minded and competitive。Especial if they have a very strong day master, They can be very stubborn and unswerving once they set their mind on something–kind of “live free or die” type.

In health, wood represent gallbladder and liver. Too strong or too weak wood day master people can have medical problem related with the organs the wood represent.

Which element is your day master?

How many people know which element is their day master? The day master element represents oneself such as Yang fire -Bing/ 丙 or Yin fire-Ding/丁 etc..

The five elements wood, fire, earth, metal and water. Each element is categorized as Yin and Yang which give us the ten heavenly stems (day masters) as following:


All of us have one of these ten elements as our day master which is the heavenly stem of your day pillar. If you don’t know your day master, perhaps it is time to find it today. There are many free bazi calculators on internet. Go ahead and discover yourself!

Bazi–Wish to get Married in 2018?

pexels-photo-613321.jpegAs 2018 is just around the corner, singles who wish for a true love relationship might wonder what will happen in 2018 (Wu Xu/戊戌). Both the heavenly stem and the earthly branch of 2018 will be Yang earth.

People with following information in their four pillar chart/bazi will be more likely to find their the other half:

  • People with Gui Mao/癸卯 day pillar– Since Wu/ 戊 combines with Gui/癸 and Xu/戌 Combines with Mao/卯, therefore people with Guimao/癸卯 day pillar are likely to have good luck with finding “the one” especial for women as Wu/戊 is Gui/癸’s direct officer also represent husband for females.
  • People with Mao/卯, Wu/午, Yin/寅 in Spouse palace/earthly branch in day pillar become either six combine or half triangular combine with Wu
  • Male with wood day master and female with water day master.

However, if a females’ hurting officer, a male’s rob wealth are too strong or a person’s solitary star and the star of arts are very strong and powerful, they may encounter more difficulties than usual.