Geng/庚 & Xin/辛 Metal Day Master

Geng Yang Metal generally represents hard unbendable metal such as iron which can be made into weapons, knife, sword and ax. Xin Yin metal on the other hand, represents soft metal such as precious gold and silver. In season, Metal element represents autumn. If a Geng DM is strong,  it needs yin fire Ding toContinue reading “Geng/庚 & Xin/辛 Metal Day Master”

Wu/戊 & Ji/己 Earth Day Master

While Wu Yang earth represents mountains, strong rock walls, or the solid earth containing rivers (Ren/壬 Yang water), lakes.., Ji yin earth represents garden soil– produce crops (Yi乙 Yin wood), brings food to our tables. If a Wu day master is strong, we can picture it as deep and solid earth. Its most important purposeContinue reading “Wu/戊 & Ji/己 Earth Day Master”

Bing/丙& Ding丁 Fire Day Master

While Bing Yang fire is pictured as Sun, Ding yin fire is seen as candle light, lamp light.. We all know that Sun brings warmth, light to our world and also  photosynthesis for all the plants. A Bing day master is best to be born during daytime especially during Sunrise. During that time, it isContinue reading “Bing/丙& Ding丁 Fire Day Master”

Which element is your day master?

How many people know which element is their day master? The day master element represents oneself such as Yang fire -Bing/ 丙 or Yin fire-Ding/丁 etc.. The five elements wood, fire, earth, metal and water. Each element is categorized as Yin and Yang which give us the ten heavenly stems (day masters) as following: AllContinue reading “Which element is your day master?”

Bazi–Wish to get Married in 2018?

As 2018 is just around the corner, singles who wish for a true love relationship might wonder what will happen in 2018 (Wu Xu/戊戌). Both the heavenly stem and the earthly branch of 2018 will be Yang earth. People with following information in their four pillar chart/bazi will be more likely to find their theContinue reading “Bazi–Wish to get Married in 2018?”