Finding Natural Minerals and Rocks, Fengshui enhancer and Cures

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Destruction 破 Day (New day starts at 11pm, not midnight).
Auspicious Activities:
  • Demolishing
  • Medical treatment/procedure
  • Divorce
Inauspicious Activities:
  • Sign important contract
  • Wedding /engagement
  • Business opening
  • Move-in
  • Trade
  • Travel
Auspicious hours:  23-3am , 7am-9am, 3pm-7pm
In general, horse, and goat people need to lay low and not conduct important tasks. Yi DM, ox, monkey and dragon people will have smoother day (It may vary based on each person’s favorable elements). The color and crystals to attract Heavenly Noble are yellow color, agate, Citrine, topaz, tiger-eye.
Auspicious direction:
  • God of Wealth: N– Location for better wealth luck
  • Happy Spirit: SE–Location for romance
  • God of Noble: NE–Location for finding help/benefactor during daytime
  • Lively Door: W -An auspicious door in QMDJ to bring good luck and prosperity.
 Inauspicious direction:
  • San Sha/Three killing: S (no digging)
  • Fetal God(protector of fetus): S – Do not disturb or use sharp objects (scissor or knife)if the female of the household is pregnant.

Location of the Monthly auspicious flying Stars:

  • Star 8 White– NW, placing amethyst, agate crystal or nice ceramic decor in this sector to activate the postive energy and promote wealth luck and prosperity
  • Star 9 Purple–W, placing rose quartz in this sector to attract romance luck or amehtyst for sucess and promotion
  • Star 1 White–NE, placing celestite or Obsidian to promote wisdom, fame and creativity.
Location of the Monthly inauspicious flying Stars:
  • Star 5 Yellow– E, It will be best to using metal element to weaken the negative impack of this star.
  • Star 2 Black–S, using metal element to weaken the nagative energy of this star
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