A Natal Chart with bad wealth Luck Currently

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Gender: Male
DOB: Bazi Inquiry regarding financial problem and future career choice.  Solar time of the day: 2:06am. Local birth time was 3:06am
Day Master/DM: Ren Yang Water
Chinese zodiac animal: Rabbit
Missing element: none
Combinations: Ding Ren, Mao Xu
Clash/Harm/Punishment: Xu Chen, Chen Mao, Xu Chou
Void branch: Wu, Wei

Ren Yang water DM was born in Yang Earth Xu month when the Qi of the earth and metal is prosperous. Though the qi of the water is weakest in Xu month, this Ren water DM gets support from Metal element Geng and Xin which get support from Xu and chou earth element. Hence the flow of the elements in this chart is auspicious as Geng and xin served as an important mediator between the fight of earth and water. Hence we can conclude that the strength of Ren DM is slightly weak and favorable elements would be water and metal. Favorable direction would be north and west of his birth place.  Since Geng Xin plays a vital role in this chart, Ren DM would experience some hardship in life when they are clashed or harmed.

  • Career/wealth

When we interpret a person’s wealth and career through one’s natal chart, we first look at the Output, Wealth, Power and Resource stars and the qi flow of these stars. In this chart, there is a very good circulation between the qi of the Power star – Resource Star- DM Self.  This generally indicates a successful career if Luck cycles are also auspicious. To determine if this DM has a chance to gain wealth, we first look at the quality of the wealth stars, then we find the quality of the Eating God. In this chart, there is only direct wealth star and no indirect wealth star, this generally indicates that it is not wise for this DM to involve in risky investments (ex. Stocks) or gambling.  It will be best for him to have a stable career where he could earn regular salary.  It is auspicious there is Hurting Officer star Mao to support Direct wealth Star Ding, though the qi of the Mao is very weak and therefore couldn’t offer much support to the Wealth element Ding. Hence this Ren DM would have no problem to have a stable career and life though it will be a quite challenge for him to gain great financial success. The most suitable field would be metal and water related.

– Luck Pillars
2018-2017 Ding Wei/ Direct wealth & Direct Officer: Ding Ren Combination, Mao Wei Half Triangular combination, Wei Chou Conflict, Wei Chou Xu Three Punishment, Heaven Void

  •  Ding fire represents Ren DM’s Direct Wealth star, it also represents his spouse. Ding Ren combination indicates that He was likely to meet his spouse and getting married during this period.
  •   There are quite a few combinations, conflicts and punishment present during this 10 years. Ren DM’s life was bound to have some major changes during this period such as career, relationships and health. Earth elements became very strong because of the conflict and the punishment. Since earth represents Ren DM’s Power star, he would have a lot work related stress. Ren DM combines with wealth star also indicates that he could gain stable financial status, but not without great effort. Mao wood element in his chart was also further weakened and therefore he was likely to have health problems related either to his digestive system or  his liver (Mao represents Liver)
  • The Heaven Void also occurred during these 10 years. This symbolizes that Ren DM would put much effort to achieve his goal, but the return was hardly justified compared to his effort.

—2018-2027 Bing Wu / Indirect Wealth element: Bing Xin combination, Wu Xu half triangular Combination, Bing Ren Conflict, Wu Chou Harm

  • This is not a very auspicious period for Ren DM. He is likely to have unexpected expenses and financial stability can be hard to achieve. He may feel strong desire toward financial gain, but it is wise for him to avoid any risky methods and which could lead to a much worse situation. He also needs to take better care of himself as this is also a period that he would likely undergo a lot of stress. It is another Heaven Void period. Therefore it is not a great time for him to seek career and finance status advancement.

1. The most suitable work field for you is water or metal related. A few examples would be finance, banking,  transportation,  tourism, insurance….

2. From 2008-2027, you have been going through Void Luck cycels, I would suggest you focus on self-impovement during this period. If the Year Pillar is favorable, then things would be smoother during that year, but may not be so next year (unfavorable). Overall, it will be best for you carefully choose your next step and do some more study regarding your friends insurance team before making the commitment

3. As for your concerns regarding the graveyard elements in your chart, I wish you can understand that Four Earth Branches Chou, Chen, Wei, Xu are not just the graveyards of the five elements, but also the storages for the five elements. A element will only enter the graveyard when the qi of the element is extremely weak. In your case, Ren water DM has two metal resource element and sitting on the its storage Chen, therefore it is not in the graveyard.  Xu earth is the storage of the fire element, there is Ding fire hidden in Xu, it means that wealth can be stored and be used when needed. This also suggest that you should make safe investment when your financial status is prosperous.

4. Lastly, whether your hour pillar is Xin Chou or Ren Yin, the qi of Ren DM is still weak. Favorable elements still would be metal and water. From 2020 to 2021, your overall luck should improve during these years.

Famous Chinese Saying

一命二运三风水四积阴德五读书 六名七相八敬神九交贵人十养生 First Fate, Second Luck, Third Feng Shui, Fourth Karma, Fifth Education/Study,Sixth Name, Seventh Appearance/Bearing, Eighth Respect heavenly God/Natural Orders, Ninth Choose Friends/Relations Wisely, Tenth Health lifestyle

Published by Vanessa Li

I have been study Fengshui and Bazi for several years.

9 thoughts on “A Natal Chart with bad wealth Luck Currently

  1. Hi, I’m just wondering if you can tell me what’s this chart holders favorable element? It seems too much of a delicate balance

    Ren Wu, Geng Wu, Geng Xu, Ren Xu.. currently in Bing Wu LP

    Thank you


  2. Hi Master,
    I was born on 10 december 1987 8 10 am,in kiev ukraine
    Bing gui ren ding
    Chen si. Zi. Mao

    I live in poverty since my first 2 lp s are xin hai,geng xu and ji you lp 21 31 was a mixt luck,very bad…jusy.2013 2014 2015 were very good,especially 2015-the best year of my life.

    Wu shen lp will I have a chance to do a clinical specialization in medical field,a second one?!
    2.chen mao harm is not so a real harm since is far?
    3.fire lp s ding wei bing wu will be very good?

    Why so bad life in ji you lp?


  3. Hi Vanessa,
    My Bazi is
    Year: Xin You
    Month: Jia Wu
    Day: Ding Chou
    Hour: Yi Si
    LP: Geng Yin
    How is outlook for the tech business startup I am doing for 2019 and 2020? Will it take off? Any industries I should stay away from?

    Thank you so much


  4. Hi Vanessa.

    there is Ding fire hidden in Xu, it means that wealth can be stored and be used when needed.

    I came across this quite frequently. In real world, how do we “access and use” the storage or element? Besides waiting for a clash to open it where it also bring along the other issue. Also, wont the hidden element of the storage be released as well?


    1. Personal I think everyone should practice safe investments whenever one can to prepare for bad days despite if there is a wealth storage in the chart. As for your questions regarding how to access the hidden wealth, other than the method you mentioned (clash), it also depends on which pillar the storage is located. This is a complicated topic. There are too many variables which can have an effect on it


  5. Hi Vanessa, do you think that it is good for the chart owner to do business now, as he is in the IW 10 years pillar. Is there any indication if he is better off as salary earner or as own business owner? Best rgds


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