Five Elements, the 10 Gods & Personality

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In my previous blogs, I have written the different characteristics of each of the 10 Day Masters. In this blog, we will further explore how five elements and 10 gods in our natal chart shape who we are.

First we look at the characteristics of the five elements:

  • Metal=Justice & righteous
  • Water= Intelligence & wisdom
  • Wood= Kindness & humanity
  • Fire= Courtesy & respect
  • Earth= Trustworthiness

The above is the main characteristics of each element. However, if we want to know a person’s true nature, we need to look at all the elements presented in the natal chart, their strength (strong, balanced or weak qi) and whether they are  favorable or unfavorable elements to the DM. When one element is unfavorable or too strong without control, then the person of the natal chart would possess more of the negative characteristic of that element. For example:

A weak Ding fire DM with strong water element, though water element is unfavorable to the DM, there are also  wood  and earth elements to control water, then this person would be polite, value good manners  and very intelligent.

Now let’s a look at the characteristics of the 10 Gods by whether if it is favorable or unfavorable to the DM (read The 10 Gods to find more information):

  • Direct officer

Favorable: Just, honest, reasonable, obey laws & norms, prefer routine and organized approach,   possess good management skills and can achieve high position in either government or large company  if the quality of the direct officer is good in natal chart

Unfavorable : inflexible, poor self-control, disliking responsibility and commitment, lacking imagination and creativeness, not suitable for seeking personal development in government or a large company  if the quality of the direct officer is poor,

  • Indirect officer/Qi Sha

Favorable: resourceful, initiative, courageous, resolute, charismatic, possessing good problem solving skills

Unfavorable: aggressive, hot tempter, extremeness, abusing one’s power, rebellious, Can be ruthless, bully or blood thirsty if the Qi Sha star is too strong and lack of other element to control it.

  • Direct resource

Favorable: kind, patient, caring, merciful, valuing one’s reputation and inner-fulfillment

Unfavorable: lacking self-independency, easily offended, unreliable, naive, indecisive.

  • Indirect resource

Favorable: detail-oriented, sensitive, imaginative, highly intuitive

Unfavorable: suspicious, cutting corners, lacking focus, overly caring insignificant matters.

  • Direct wealth

Favorable: frugal, sagacious, diligent, industrious, practical

Unfavorable: penny-pincher, selfish,  insatiable

  • Indirect wealth

Favorable: generous, energetic, entrepreneurial, associable

Unfavorable:   lacking money management skill, impulsive, irritable, risky behavior tendency

  • Eating god

Favorable: Smart, creative, meticulous, self-contained, gentle, virtuous,  enjoy freedom and good food

Unfavorable: having too high expectation, sometimes overly thinking tendency

  • Hurting officer

Favorable: artistic, tenanted, willful,  optimistic, dynamic, outspoken

Unfavorable: arrogant, tendency to use hurtful language, judgmental, lacking social skills.

  • Friend

Favorable : calm, confident, determined, strong will power

Unfavorable: Self-centered,  stubborn

  • Rob wealth

Favorable: sociable, caring & generous with friends, competitive

Unfavorable: double personality, jealous, crafty, cunning, not very caring toward family member

The above are the main traits of each 10 gods. When we look at a natal chart, other than analysising the strength of the elements presented in a person’s natal chart, we also check how the 10 gods interact with each other, the qi quality of the 10 gods and whether they are favorable to the DM.



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