Closing Day/ Li Qiu —  Autumn commence 2018-08-07, 9:30pm. After 9:30pm, month pillar become Geng Shen (metal) and the auspicious Star 8 enters the center palace.

Auspicious Activities:
– Not suitable for any important tasks/activities

Inauspicious Activities:
– Important tasks/activities

Auspicious hours: 3am to 7am, 3pm -5pm, 9pm-11pm

In general, rat and ox people need to lay low and not conduct important tasks. Horse, rabbit and pig people will have smoother day.

Auspicious direction:
– God of Wealth: E– Location for better wealth luck
– Happy Spirit: SW–Location for romance
– God of Noble: NE–Location for finding help/benefactor
Inauspicious direction:
– San Sha: W

Monthly flying Star:
– Auspicious stars:  8  (center), 9 (northwest), 1 (West)
– Inauspicious stars: Star 2 (northeast), 5 (southwest)

See 2018 Flying Stars for details regarding the flying stars.

Published by Vanessa Li

I have been study Fengshui and Bazi for several years.

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