A Bazi Chart With Strong Jia / 甲 DM

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Gender: Female
DOB: Bazi Inquiry regarding unfortunate events happened, future career choice and relationship . Solar time of the day: 11:26pm. Local birth time was 11:44pm
Day Master/DM: Jia Yang Wood
Chinese zodiac animal: Dragon
Missing element: Fire, metal
Combinations: Xu Mao
Clash/Harm/Punishment: Xu Chen, Chen Mao, Zi Mao
Void branch: Shen, You

Jia Yang wood DM was born in Mao month when the Qi of the Wood is most prosperous. With the addition of  two Companion Stars ( Jia and Yi ) in the heavenly stems and Yin Wood Mao and Zi to further strengthening the DM, we can conclude that this Jia DM is very strong, yet not qualified to be a Solo Strengh / Vibrate Structure because of the presence of the earth elements. Hence, the favorable elements would be fire (mediator between wood and earth plus provide resource for wealth star) and earth. Though metal could help control Friend and Rob Wealth stars, but weak metal can’t control strong wood. Favorable directions would be south, southwest.

  • Career/wealth

In this chart, earth elements represents Jia DM’s wealth star. The  quality of the wealth star is considered to be of good quality despite that the Qi of the earth in wood month is the weakest because of its presence in both heavenly stems and earthly branches. Since there is only indirect wealth star without any power star, Jia DM would not excel nor would she be satisfied in a conventional type workplace. It will be best for Jia DM to choose a freelance type  career. It is vital that Jia DM doesn’t choose a career that requires partner unless the Bazi chart of the partner is perfectly matched to hers.   Because of lacking the Eating God star (fire), Jia DM would have limited resource to gain wealth . Luckily, since earth is also Jia DM’s favorable element, she would have chance to gain financial success when Luck cycle is favorable. It will be best for Jia DM to choose a fire or earth related career such as real estate.

  • Relationship

In this Bazi Chart, there is no power star which represents female’s the other half. It is inauspicious since the power star is also Jia DM’s favorable element. This indicates that either her spouse won’t give her much support or his ability is limited. When this information is presented in the natal chart, it will be best for Jia DM to get married later than early. Also since Xu Yang earth represents DM’s spouse, it is wise that DM bewares that there is a chance of betrayal from her spouse especial in rabbit year.

– Luck Pillars
2013-2022 Ren Zi/ Resource element: Since Jia DM is very strong,  it is inauspicious to meet water resource again in Luck Pillar. During these 10 years,  Jia DM would have more difficulties to achieve financial stability. She would likely to make unfavorable decisions under pressure, encounter more rivals and have financial losses due to unexpected events. With the influence of the Zi Chen half triangular combination (It is an inauspicious combination as Chen being DM’s favorable element) and  Zi Mao punishment, sadly it is not a productive period for Jia DM to pursue financial success or happy relationship.

2017 Ding You /hurting officer meets Direct Officer:  This year, Jia DM would have work  related problems. Because of the Mao (DM’s Sword Star )You clash, Jia DM would likely encounter blood related incident/accident. For anyone who is familiar with Bazi reading, we also know that in general, nothing would come out positive when Hurting Officer meets Direct Officer (伤官见官,为祸百端)unless Direct officer being DM’s unfavorable element. In this case, You being DM’s favorable element. Jia DM would likely to have more conflicts / misunderstanding in her workplace or lose her position.

2018 Wu Xu: This year would be an auspicious year for Jia DM.  DM would have more opportunities to pursue financial stability. It is vital for DM to utilize this year’s luck and focus on finding a suitable career.

1. Because the presence of Xu Chen clash in your chart, it will be best for you to pursue your career away from your family.  You can choose either one of the directions I mentioned above. I do not recommend that you continue to stay with your family.

2. In your chart, there is no direct wealth star. Though indirect wealth generally represents large amounts of wealth, you will likely to lose money because the strong influence of Rob Wealth Star. Therefore, it is wise you don’t invest with your siblings or friends. Also solo business/ freelance would be most suitable for you.  it is very important for you to make safe investments when financial aspect is good. This way, you can be well prepared for rainy days.

3. As for your old job position, I do not suggest that you go back for it. It sounds more like a water related field. Also based on all the information present in your chart, you won’t be happy or success when working in a conventional type work field.

4. Lastly, You will have higher chance of meeting someone in 2021. Even though there is negative relationship information presented in your chart, I do not believe in absolute fate. There is alway variables in life and other influences. If his chart is a perfect match to yours, you can still have a very happy relationship.

Famous Chinese Saying

一命二运三风水四积阴德五读书 六名七相八敬神九交贵人十养生” First Fate, Second Luck, Third Feng Shui, Fourth Karma, Fifth Education/Study,Sixth Name, Seventh Appearance/Bearing, Eighth Respect heavenly God/Natural Orders, Ninth Choose Friends/Relations Wisely, Tenth Health lifestyle

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