Jia Wood DM with Balanced /Slightly Weak Qi

Screen Shot 2018-07-23 at 8.17.38 AMMany thanks to a paid customer who was very kind to allow me to publish his reading on my blog. 

Gender: Male
DOB: Paid Chart Reading. Solar time of the day: 5:05pm
Main concerns: Difficulty with relationship and wishing to know the best location for him.
Day Master/DM: Jia Yang Wood.
Chinese zodiac animal: Tiger
Missing Element: None
Combinations: N/A
Clash/Harm/Punishment/Destruction: You Xu, Xu Wei
Void Branch: Shen, YouJia Yang Wood DM was born in summer when the qi of the wood is weak. In earthly branch of the year pillar, there is Jia DM’s Prosperity Star Yin Yang wood. In the heavenly stems, there is Yi wood and Gui water to support Jia DM’s strength. Hence, we can conclude that the qi of Jia DM is on the balanced, slightly weak side. Favorable elements would be wood and water. Favorable directions would be east and north of the birth place.* Characteristics
The person with this chart is kind, honest, affectionate, just and responsible. He is quite talented and has many interests. He enjoys social life and is always willing to offer a helping hand when needed. He is positive and has good endurance for difficult situations. At times, he could be quite competitive, impulsive, outspoken and emotional. He is sensitive and cares too much for others option of him which could cause unhappiness and emotional stress for him.* Career/Wealth
In this chart, earth element represents Jia DM’s wealth star. The Qi of the earth element is prosperous in summer. With the appearance of Bing Jia DM’s Eat God star in the heavenly stems to further support the wealth stars, it will be best for Jia DM to focus on specializing on one skilled trade either related to water or wood. If Lucks are favorable, Jia DM would have no problem to achieve financial stability and success. However, since there is the presence of the robbing wealth star, it is important for Jia DM choose friends/partners wisely and avoid risky investments.* Family life
Jia DM is family oriented and has a close relationship with his family. The Direct Resource Star Gui water represents his mother which is vital in this chart as to cool down the summer heat. However, since Gui also sits on DM’s Void Branch You, Gui could only offer limited help to Jia DM. Yi and Yin in this chart represents Jia DM’s siblings. Though both of them being DM’s favorable elements, while Yi plays a more negative role than positive influence, Yin is a bit distanced from Jia to offer much help. Hence, it is unlikely Jia DM would get much help from his siblings.* Relationship
In this chart, both Wei (direct wealth ) and Xu (indirect wealth) earth elements represents Jia DM’s romantic partners. Jia DM would have no problem meeting the right one when time is right. However,because of the presence of the both direct and indirect wealth stars (Wei Xu Destruction, Xu You Harm ), Jia DM would have some difficulties /or major changes with relationships when Luck or Year pillar presents unfavorable information. In addition, there is a partial triangular combine between Yin and Xu, plus Yi rob wealth fights for Wei, it is very likely that Jia DM would encounter other rivals in the romance life. Good news is that if Jia DM can hold positive attitude, be attentive to his spouse’s need, have good self-control, everything will work out in the end.* Health
Jia Yang wood represents liver. The qi of Jia DM is well balanced in this chart. Therefore, he wouldn’t have much problem with health. However, he should be careful with injures or accidents involve his wrists and shoulder joints especial during metal clashes wood Luck or year pillars.* Luck Pillars
2009-2018 Wu Xu (indirect wealth Stars): It is not a very auspicious period for the Jia DM. During this 10 years, he would feel quite lonely under the influence of the Hua Gai – the star of the arts. Though this star has a positive impact on his talent expression, it doesn’t help his romance life. He would have strong desires to find that right one and have chances to meet some potential candidates , but ultimately, none of them are meant to be his life partner. He would also have difficulties with finance stability during this period.2018 Wu Xu (Indirect wealth Stars): It is not a good year for both relationship and financial aspects either. The earth element is too strong because of Wu Xu fu yin with the Luck Pillar. Jia DM would have low chance in both financial success and relationships. It will be best for Jia DM to focus on self-improvement, spend more time with family and avoid major investments or making important decisions.2019-2028 Ji Hai (Direct Wealth and Indirect resource star): Jia DM combines with Ji direct wealth Star. During this time Jia DM will have a chance to meet the right one especially in 2019. DM combines with wealth star also indicates a breakthrough for finance. Overall, Jia DM would have smoother life in this period.Suggestions:
I wouldn’t suggest any west coast cities. Of all the cities you mentioned, either Cincinnati, Louisville will work or South Carolina and North Carolina would also be good for you.
As you mentioned that you are in a transition from Wu Xu Luck Pillar to Ji Hai, plus the strong impact of the Luck and Year Fu Yin, it will be best for you to keep a low profile and play it safe. It may be a good time to spend some time with your family and focus on choosing the right career and stick with it. You may find that this year is a good year for you to develop your talented side and build your career for later returns. You may still have chances meeting some people, but none of the them could lead to a long term relationship. So when that happens, don’t feel bad and just think of it as a life experience and good learning opportunities. I am pretty positive that things will change next year for you.

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