Will You Be Rich? The Quality of Wealth Star in Natal Chart Reading

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Since I started this blog, one type question I’ve encountered the most is wealth related;  for example: ” will I be rich?”, ” Will I have a chance to become a multimillionaire?”, “Will I get some easy money?”. In today’s blog, I wish to clarify how each person’s financial aspect is interpreted in the natal chart reading. Before I start, I would like to make two statements on this topic: First, I Cannot tell you if you will be a multimillionaire by looking at your natal chart. Second, neither Can I provide some “magical cure” to help you getting “easy money” or become very rich. However, what I can do is tell you if you have chance to obtain good financial status or if you will need to work hard to maintain financial security. In Bazi Reading, there is no a set of numbers that I can interpret from your chart, I can only review the quality of your wealth star! There are so many other factors that can influence our financial aspects. A few examples would be: Fengshui of your residence and working space, the people who are closest to you, your own attitude towards wealth–are you willing to work hard for it even when everyone else are having fun or relaxing? Or will you just wait for it falls on you like rain?First Wealth Star/财星 or God (interchangeable in Bazi Reading) is the element your DM controls (Water Controls fire. Please read The 10 Gods for details). While Direct Wealth Star represents regular and stable income such as salary, Indirect Wealth Star symbolizes variable income such as from investments,  sudden windfalls (for example real estate sale, inheritance, lottery…), profit as a business owner.Second, most of the people’s natal charts fall to one of the following categories.

  •  Strong DM with good quality Wealth Star

This is the best combination for financial aspect.  A strong DM generally can handle wealth much easier than a weak DM. If the quality of wealth star is also of good, then this means this DM could obtain good financial status. If everything else (Luck, Fengshui…) is favorable, there isn’t a number we can assign to this DM except him/her self.

  • Weak DM with very good quality wealth stars,

A weak DM means the qi of the DM element is weak and it lacks the strength (support and help from Resource and Companion Stars )to properly control the wealth star. Instead the DM controls the wealth, the DM is controlled by the Wealth Stars and be troubled by it. Any person with a natal chart of this combination tends to be very ambitious/driving toward financial gain and won’t be satisfied easily. They tend to have a tiring life because of their desires to constantly pursue wealth. Because the quality of the wealth stars are good, they can achieve good financial gain when Luck is favorable.  However, it is important for them to avoid risky behavior when Luck is unfavorable and be well prepared for rainy days when things are prosperous.

  • Strong DM with weak Wealth Star

A person with this combination tends to have less desire toward financial gain. Money simply is not the most important thing in his/her life. When Luck is favorable, they can certainly achieve good financial gain . Perhaps they are the people who can be content easily and happily.

  • Weak DM with weak Wealth Star

A person with this combination is very similar to the person with the above combination with the exception that he or she would have more obstacles in life. The chance of them become very rich is not very high.

  •  Without wealth Star

A natal chart without Wealth Star doesn’t mean the person will have no chance of obtain financial success:

  1. A strong DM with good quality of Output elements will fair well in financial aspect. They generally possess a specialized skill trade and can achieve financial stability.
  2. A person’s natal chart with strong Power Stars can have good financial gain when Luck is DM’s Resource or Companion Stars
  3. A very strong DM with either a Following Resource Structure (example: Donald Trump) or Vibrating Structure tend to obtain high financial status when Luck pillars are DM’s Resource or Companion elements.

However, a person tends to have no luck in financial security when the following combination occurs:

  1. A strong DM use Power elements as favorable stars without Wealth Star in natal chart nor Luck pillars tends have poor financial aspect in life.
  2. A very strong DM with either a Following Resource Structure (example: Donald Trump) or Vibrating Structure tend to fair poorly with financial aspects when Luck pillars are Wealth elements.

一命二运三风水四积阴德五读书 六名七相八敬神九交贵人十养生”  First Fate, Second Luck, Third Feng Shui, Fourth Karma, Fifth Education/Study,Sixth Name, Seventh Appearance/Bearing, Eighth Respect heavenly God/Natural Orders, Ninth Choose Friends/Relations Wisely, Tenth Health lifestyle –>Famous Chinese Saying.

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