A Natal Chart Without Power Star

Gender: Female
DOB: Bazi Inquiry regarding whether or not to end marriage. Solar time of the day: 5:36am. Local time: 6:03am
Day Master/DM: Gui Yin Water.
Chinese zodiac animal: Snake
Combinations: N/A
Clash/Harm/Punishment:  Ding Gui, Mao You

Gui DM was born in Spring (wood month) when the Qi of Gui Water is weak.  In this chart, the two strongest elements are wood and fire which further weakened Gui DM.  In this stage, Gui DM needs help from its resource and Companion stars to balance its Qi. It is auspicious that Gui DM sits on You Yin metal (Indirect Resource Star) plus Friend Star Gui in the heavenly stem of month pillar. However, since the Qi of You metal is trapped in the wood month plus Mao You Clashes on both sides, You metal can’t offer much help to Gui DM.

  • Relationship

For women, both Direct and Indirect officer stars/Qi Sha (power element) represent the other half.  In this chart, the only power element earth Wu is located in the Hidden Heavenly Stems of  Year Pillar. There is no any other earth element appearing in either heavenly stems or earthly branches.   This indicates that Gui DM would still have chance to meet her the other half and getting married when Wu earth could come out from the hidden stems (generally through combinations or clashes with Luck or Year Pillars) . However because of the clashes with the spouse palace and the lack of the Power Star,  it would require great effort for Gui DM to maintain a happy and stable marriage. In addition, due to the presence of 3 Peach Blossom Stars, Gui DM’s relationship life would be further complicated and unstable. It is important for Gui DM to focus on the positive side of her marriage.  Ultimately ending her current marriage won’t guarantee a better one in the future.

  • Luck Pillars

2012-2022 Ding Wei: it is a pillar of Indirect Wealth Star produces Qi Sha . Both fire and earth are Gui DM’s unfavorable elements plus Ding clashes with Gui.  During this 10 years, Gui DM needs to pay attention to her health and avoid overly exhaustion.  She would likely experience relationship and money related issues or conflicts.

2018 Wu Xu/ Power Stars: With Xu being Gui DM’s void branch, this year, Gui DM is likely to having feelings of isolation and emptiness. Since Xu also represents her husband, this also explains why she would have the thoughts of ending her marriage especially when she feels that her husband couldn’t give her the support she needs.


  • A stable marriage requires effort from both parties. Perhaps finding a good time to have a calm and honest conversation with your husband would help solving the problems.
  • In this chart, You Yin Metal also represents your husband. Since it is a favorable element to you, it indicates that there is still love between you two despite the constant arguments. Also choosing to stay in this marriage may be good to you and your family overall.
  • Due to the clashes (two Mao Clash with one You) in the spouse palace, it is true that keeping your marriage successful does present challenges, but it is also the fact for all marriages. If the element You metal in your spouse palace is unfavorable to you, I might agree with you on ” you are not being a marrying kind”.
  • Sometimes  the best cure for conflicts is giving each other some space. It may be good year for you to get away for a little while and have some self-time. Then when you come back home,  have someone help with children and have some alone time with your husband.

Note: We cannot change our fate.  However, There are many other variables which can positively influence our life such as our own attitude, people who are closest to us and environment facts-Feng Shui of your home and work place.

Published by Vanessa Li

I have been study Fengshui and Bazi for several years.

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