A Natal Chart With Strong Qi Sha

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Gender: Female
DOB: Bazi Inquiry regarding marriage conflicts and career opportunities. Solar time of the day: 9:12am
Day Master/DM: Jia Yang Wood.
Chinese zodiac animal: Monkey
Combinations: Jia Ji, Shen Si
Clash/Harm/Punishment:  Shen Si

  • Relationship

For women, both Direct and Indirect officer stars/Qi Sha (power element) represent the other half. While DO generally represents more positive relationship, indirect officer Qi Sha generally indicates more negative or imperfect aspect.  In this chart, there are 4 Indirect Officer/IO stars with strong resource and weak elements to control it especially in the early life. Hence, the IO stars in this chart are more likely to associate with the negative characteristics of the Qi Sha.   We can conclude that Jia DM would experience a few unsuccessful relationships in her early life and over all, a stable and harmony relationship would require great effort and self control to achieve.

  • Career

This is a typical chart with weak DM, strong wealth and power stars. She might have strong drive toward wealth and authorities, but lack strength to properly control them unless the Luck cycle is favorable or she might encounter other problems such as weak health or family conflicts when she does gain financial success. The upside is that the flow of the EG, Wealth, Power and Resource stars is generally smooth, therefore she won’t have major financial crisis. Her work field would possibly involve with large finance such as banking. Since there are only Direct wealth Stars (not counting the hidden ones) in this chart, It will be best for her to have a 9-5 conventional type of job.

Luck Pillars
2011-2020 Ji Mao: it is a pillar of Robbing Wealth control wealth. During this 10 years, it is likely she would experience relationship related issues from outside of her marriage both for herself (2016, 2017 and 2020) and her husband (2011). She would also have financial related issues such as overly spending/investing.

2018 Wu Xu/Indirect Wealth: This year, DM is likely to have more desires toward financial gain and feeling unsatisfied with her current status both in relationship and career. Since the strength of DM is not very strong, achieve high financial gain can be very tiring and stressful.

Note: We cannot change our fate.  However, There are many other variables which can positively influence our life such as our own attitude, people who are closest to us and environment facts-Feng Shui of your home and work place.

Published by Vanessa Li

I have been study Fengshui and Bazi for several years.

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