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Natal Chart forecast:
Overall, it is a natal chart with strong earth elements. People  who are born this day will be very stubborn and inflexible.  Plus Zi Wu conflict presents. It will be best if the hour pillar contains Yang metal. The second choice would be water or wood elements, but not without drawbacks.

Auspicious Activities:
– Not suitable for important tasks other than things with a destructive nature.

Inauspicious Activities:
– Important tasks

Inauspicious hours: 11am to 1pm,

In general, horse and goat people need to lay low and not conduct important tasks. Dragon, ox and monkey people will have smoother day.

Auspicious direction:
– Happy Spirit: SE
– God of Noble: NE
– Auspicious fly star 8: N

Inauspicious direction:
– San Sha: S
– Five yellow: W

Published by Vanessa Li

I have been study Fengshui and Bazi for several years.

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