A Natal Chart With Strong Hurting Officer Stars

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Gender: Female
DOB: Bazi Inquiry regarding marriage and children. Solar time of the day: 7:24am
Day Master/DM: Xin Yin metal.
Chinese zodiac animal: Goat
Combinations: Shen (zi) Chen
Clash/Harm/Punishment: Hai Shen

  • Relationship & Children

For women, both Direct and Indirect officer stars (power element) represent the other half. When we interpret women’s relationship, we first analysis the quality of the power element and its resource. In this chart, both power element fire and fire’s resource – wood element are only appearing in the hidden stems plus the strength of the fire and wood elements are quite weak in metal month. In addition, it doesn’t help that the quality of the Hurting officer stars (water) are exceptionally good which further weakening the power element fire. Therefore, we can conclude her path to a happy and successful relationship won’t be easy.

As for children, the output element water represents her children and water element is quite strong in this chart. If the luck cycles are favorable, it is possible for her to have children. However, since both the earthly branch in day pillar and heavenly stem in hour pillar are hurting officer, it will be best for her to have children late in the life than early. Otherwise, her child would either have health problem or be difficult to raise.

Luck Pillars
2018-2027 Bing Zi: During this 10 years, she will have chance to start a new relationship since Bing combines with Xin DM. However, since Bing fire element has no roots and is clashed by water, her relationship life will require much effort to maintain stable.

2018 Wu Xu: The upside of this year is the strong earth keeps water under control. The downside is too much earth and water may sink or bury Yin Metal. Since Wu clashes with Chen–water’s graveyard, it may be a good time for her to try having a child. If this is the case, she needs to take good care of herself and have medical checks regularly to prevent difficult childbirth.

When unfavorable information regarding relationship is present in the natal chart, it will be best for the Xin DM to think carefully before making any impulsive decisions. In order to make any relationship works, it is important for her to be thoughtful about what she says when encountering conflicts as it is likely that she would say something hurtful or things she would regret late on.  Although Her strong hurting officer stars indicates her talents in various fields, it would also influence her personality negatively and make her less considerate and sometimes quite arrogant toward people who are less intelligent or slow thinkers.

Note: We cannot change our fate.  However, There are many other variables which can positively influence our life such as our own attitude, people who are closest to us and environment facts-Feng Shui of your home and work place.

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I have been study Fengshui and Bazi for several years.

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