A Following Output Natal Chart

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Gender: Female
DOB: Free Bazi Inquiry regarding how to attain stress-free easy wealth. Solar time of the day: 19:47
Day Master/DM: Wu Yang earth.
Missing element:  Fire
Chinese zodiac animal: Monkey
Combinations: Yi Geng, Shen You Xu,
Clash/Harm/Punishment: You Xu

Wu Yang Earth DM was born in You Metal month. The strength of the Wu earth DM is on the weak side. Also, Shen You Xu form a metal directional combination plus Yi Geng combines and metal transformation succeed. As a result, Wu earth loses its root Xu and an output follower chart presents.   Hence, Wu DM’s favorable elements would be metal and water. Favorable directions would be west and north.

  • Characteristics

In general, a balanced Wu earth DM would be a person who highly values honesty and trustworthy. In this case, the Wu DM is very weak and became a follower of the output element metal, therefore she is simply a survivalist and not a person with strong principles. The person with this chart is resourceful,  attractive and an opportunist. She tends to have many ideas, but has hard time to stay focused. Sometimes she can be an impulsive spender or penny-wise, dollar-foolish because the influence of the indirect wealth star

  • Family

Wu DM was raised in a stable family. She has close relationship with her family.

  •  Wealth/Career

The person with this chart should have no problem achieving financial success if the Luck cycles are  favorable.  An output follower DM generally would fare well if the luck pillars contain metal and water elements. However, If the luck pillars contain mostly Fire, earth and Wood elements, then she would encounter more obstacles and difficulties in life. As for career choice, she would be more likely to excel if she chooses a metal or water related field such as finance, transportation, tourism and work that involves children. In addition, there are two indirect wealth stars in this chart with strong support from metal; one is appearing in the heavenly stem (hour Pillar) and one is hidden in the year earthly branch. This generally means she is likely to achieve some financial gain through investment or any other nonconventional source if the luck cycle is favorable. Also it may be best for  her to work as a freelancer.

Luck Pillars
2009-2018 Ren Wu: She is likely to encounter more difficulties during this 10 years as Wu fire disturbs the harmony of the following chart. She may still have chance to gain financial stability, but it won’t be easy or stress free.

2018 Wu Xu: Strong earth year indicates more rivals or competitors. It is also not a great year for financial gain.

When Luck pillar is not most favorable, It is important for DM to avoid risky investment or investment with friends. Perhaps this is a good time for her to focus on building her career and self-improvement.

Note: We cannot change our fate.  However, There are many other variables which can positively influence our life such as our own attitude, people who are closest to us and environment facts-Feng Shui of your home and work place.

Published by Vanessa Li

I have been study Fengshui and Bazi for several years.

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