A Natal Chart With Weak DM and Strong Wealth Stars

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Gender: Male
DOB: Free Bazi Inquiry regarding career choice and the best way to improving oneself . Solar time of the day: 9:44am. Local birth time was 11:02am
Day Master/DM: Xin Yin metal.
Missing element:  None
Chinese zodiac animal: Rabbit
Combinations: Mao Wei
Clash/Harm/Punishment: Ding Gui

Xin Yin metal DM was born in spring Mao (indirect wealth star) month and the strength of the Xin is weak. Xin DM born in spring is better to have balanced Ren water to cleanse the metal and make it shine. Xin also needs some resource (earth )and companion stars(metal) for support. In this chart, there is neither Ren nor companion starts appearing in the four pillars. Xin’s only resource is Wei earth in the day pillar. For some masters from different schools, this chart can be quite controversial as one may say that the Xin metal is too weak and  this is a special wealth following chart because of the wood combination Wei Mao while others may disagree. After some careful analysis, I still think it is under a normal chart category as Mao Wei combines, but unable to transform. Also Wei gets strength from Si fire in the hour pillar, hence it can still give some support for the DM.   Therefore, favorable elements would be metal and earth. Favorable directions would be west, southwest and center based on the birth place.

  • Characteristics

The person with this chart is kind, polite, creative and quite intelligent.  He enjoys alone time to work on his favorite projects and is not a social butterfly. He has many ideas, but sometimes he has problem expressing them especially when confronted because of the presence of Water Fire clashes in his chart. Both Gui water elements–his expression stars are right next to the strong fire–his power stars. In general,  water controls fire by putting fire out, but in this chart, water elements are like light rain drops that simply become evaporated before even hitting the ground because of the high heat since both Gui – his expression stars  have neither roots in the earthly branches nor strong resource.

  •  Career/Wealth

In this chart, there is no direct wealth stars, but the quality of the indirect wealth stars is very good. However, since Xin DM is very weak, and lacking the strength to control wealth properly,  achieving high financial success won’t be easy.  First, since there is only indirect wealth stars in his chart,  he is not suitable for the conventional 9-5 type of jobs or he would be unhappy and dissatisfied. Second, it is unlikely that he would have a good chance to get high position or room to grow in a conventional type work field because of the water fire clashes. His talent or ideas are not likely to be appreciated by his boss.  Hence, in order to become  successful, it is better for him to work in an unconventional work field such as providing a trade related service which involves specialized skills. The best work field for him would be metal related.

  • Luck cycle

– Xin Chou 2002 – 2012,  during this period, things should have been generally pretty smooth because both Chou and Xin were Xin DM’s Favorable elements. Even though, in some of the years in this period, Xin DM’s life might had some up and downs, but overall, life shouldn’t be too hard. He would fare well at school and obtain higher education (Chou being his resource star also represents education)

– Geng Zi 2012 – 2021, from 2012, Xin DM entered the weakening Luck. During this period, Xin DM may encounter more obstacles because Zi further weakening Xin DM. Geng metal has no roots, therefore can’t offer too much help. In year of 2016 and 2017, Xin might experience a lot stress and feelings of  being suppressed either because of  his boss or competitors because fire melts the metal.

– Wu Xu 2018, though both Yang earth are Xin DM’s favorable elements, this year still doesn’t look very prosperous as Xu is Xin DM’s the Heaven Void. In this year, it will be very difficult for Xin DM to achieve success no matter the amount of the effort he puts in. It will be best for him to maintain a low profile and avoid risky investments. It may be the best time for him to focus on self improvement by studying more and focus on what he does the best.

In summary, the person with this chart would be better off choosing a career related to metal such as car making, machining, mechanical engineering, finance. The best way for him to gain financial security would be to utilize one specialized skill. Finally, It is important for him to stand his ground and not back down if he believes he is right and improve his expression skills such as attending some speech classes

Note: We cannot change our fate.  However, There are many other variables which can positively influence our life such as our own attitude, people who are closest to us and environment facts-Feng Shui of your home and work place.

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I have been study Fengshui and Bazi for several years.

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