A Chart With all Four Cardinals/Peach Blossom Stars

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Gender: Female
DOB: Free Bazi Inquiry regarding future financial aspect and current relationship . Solar time of the day: 12:43
Day Master/DM: Ji yin earth.
Missing element:  None
Chinese zodiac animal: Rabbit
Combinations: Jia Ji
Clash/Harm/Punishment: Jia Geng, Zi Mao, Zi Wu, Mao You

Ji Yin Earth DM was born in winter Zi month. Ji earth needs sun Bing (direct resource ) for warmth and Strong earth Wu  to control water. In this chart, there is neither Bing nor Wu appearing in the heavenly stem. Ji’s only resource is Wu fire in the hour pillar. If without Wu, Ji would be too weak and could become a follower of wealth and might have a chance to achieve high financial status. Since a follower structure is not possible, we can conclude that Ji’s favorable elements would be Fire and Earth. Favorable directions would be south and center based on the birth place.

  • Characteristics

The person with this chart is very charming, attractive,expressive and enjoys social life. She never lacks admirers which could be a barrier for stable relationship. She is either a very good cook or has good taste with food. Sometimes she can be unconfident, indecisive and dubious.

  • Family

Ji DM was born in a not so well-off family. All her life, she either hasn’t had much help from her family or she has been quite distanced from them.

  •  Wealth/relationship

In this chart, the quality of the indirect wealth stars is very good. However, since Ji DM is very weak, and lacking the ability to control wealth properly, she would either have hard time to gain financial success or have health problems when financial situation is prosperous. Also this chart lacks the storage/ graveyard for the DM to accumulate wealth, therefore money seems to come and goes. Now, from looking at her luck cycles from 1975 to 2014, although she might not become rich, but should have had no major problem with finance because the presence of the Fire and earth elements. However, since 2015, Ji DM entered the current luck pillar of Geng Wu (2015 to 2024) and things started to become unfavorable because the luck pillar Fu Yin with hour pillar, plus Geng clashes with Jia, Zi conflicts with Wu (her important resource star). During this period, Ji DM is more likely to experience unhappy event such as problems with relationships , health issues and have many negative  thoughts. Furthermore, Zi Wu Clash also indicates big change taking place in life. You need to especially pay attention in 2020–year of Geng Zi and be aware of losing money because of relationship.

There are two power stars Mao/ Jia in her chart which represents Ji’s relationship. Since wood is unfavorable for Ji DM, her relationship would more likely to be unsuccessful or more sadness than happiness. Ji DM’s first serious relationship occurred when she was young (mostly likely in 1985) and didn’t last very long. Since Jia combines with Ji DM, her second serious relationship should fare better than the first one. In life, nothing is perfect and sometimes we  need to know when to compromise or when to stop if the outcome is no good. It is important to stay self-reliant and independent. During the current luck cycle, to maintain a successful stable relationship won’t be easy.

In summary, the person with this chart should pay more attention to her own health, eat healthy food, exercise regularly, stay positive and independent.  She also needs to be aware of potential financial loss due to her partner. Remember, this Ji DM’s only resource star Wu fire is located in hour pillar which also represents her children palace. This indicates her children will be great help for her. She is very lucky to have good children who can give her both mental and financial support. As for relationship, it will be better for her to find a partner who was born during summer time(Si, Wu, Wei) with strong fire element that way, they can balance each other’s chart and more likely to lead a happy and stable relationship

Note: We cannot change our fate, but we can change ourselves. It is important for us to be aware of our shortcomings, positively facing challenges and not to blame anyone or anything else but ourselves. There are many other variables in life which can have influence in our life such as our own attitude, be kind, help others when you can, the influence of people who are closest to us and environment facts-Feng Shui of your home and work place.

Published by Vanessa Li

I have been study Fengshui and Bazi for several years.

One thought on “A Chart With all Four Cardinals/Peach Blossom Stars

  1. Thank you so much for taking your time to help me decode my birth chart. Everything you said was right and it now I know why these things are happening in my life. You helped me think now and figure out what else I can do and what choices to make to improve my life. More power to you and I’ll definitely recommend your services 🙂

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