A Chart With Strong Friend/Rob Wealth Stars

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Gender: Male
DOB: Free Bazi Inquiry regarding education/career choices. Solar time of the day: 20:46
Day Master/DM: Ji yin earth.
Missing element:  hidden water and fire
Chinese zodiac animal: Dragon
Combinations: Jia Ji, Mao Xu
Clash/Harm: Chen Mao, Chen Xu, Jia Geng

Ji Yin Earth DM was born in Chou month with additional two Friend–Ji/Chou and Rob wealth–Xu/Chen starts in this chart, therefore we can conclude the strength of Ji DM is strong. Strong earth needs the roots of Jia wood (Power) to loosen up the soil and to contain Ren water (wealth) for irrigation. Favorable elements are wood and water. Favorable directions are north and east.

  • Characteristics

The person with this chart is strong-minded, confident and inflexible. Sometimes, he can be self-centered and not attentive to other’s needs, therefore he has very few true friends.

  • Family

Ji DM was born in a difficult time when his family was facing financial or other struggles. He is either distanced with his father or his father is not doing well if they have close relationship.

  • Education / Career/ Wealth

In general, resource star in a person’s chart represents ones education, mother, properties etc. In this chart, there is neither direct resource nor indirect resource stars except in the hidden stems. Since Ji DM is very strong and doesn’t need resource star, lacking resource stars may be a positive aspect for the Ji DM to obtain high education if the Luck cycle is favorable. Now let’s take a look at his wealth star water (Gui)–which also can be seen only in the hidden stems. Gui is Ji’s indirect wealth star and Gui has both Xin and Geng metal as resource, therefore, he has chance to obtain some financial gain when luck cycles are favorable.  However, he should avoid investments with his friends or siblings.  It will be best for him to choose a major or a career related to wood and water elements such as tourism, transportations, courier, any business that involves water, botanist, plantation, timber, wood furniture…).

In summary, the person with this chart should be able to have a stable and happy life if he can learn to be more flexible, willing to listen to good suggestions, be attentive to other’s needs especially when dealing with relationship issues. From 2017,  Ji DM enters Xin Mao luck pillar, metal clashes with wood. Even though wood being Ji’s favorable element, during these 10 years, Ji DM may experience some up and downs especially during current year of 2018 (Wu Xu). If he is close  to his father, his father may encounter many difficulties either related to finance or health. Luckily, things will start to be more smoothly for him next year.

Published by Vanessa Li

I have been study Fengshui and Bazi for several years.

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