A Few Simple Fengshui Tips for Anyone buying a Property

pexels-photo-745054.jpegRecently, my husband and I are thinking of downsizing and have been viewing quite a few properties. As of today, we still haven’t found one that is suitable due to various reasons. Most of them match our basic needs in terms of size and location, but lack of the Fengshui aspects which would ensure a happy healthy life.

For example, we found one property that seemed to offer everything we need with a reasonable price. Before entering the property, I carefully observed the environment outside and saw a willow tree in the backyard facing the backdoor of the house which is not a good sign as willow tree is very Yin and generally is not recommended to plant near any homes.  The agent opened the door and called us to view inside of the house.  It was very dark inside as the owner of the property seems to prefer the darkness and had all the curtains closed. The moment I entered the house, my heart started to race almost like I was having a panic attack. I held myself together and did a qick walk thru. The house certainly did not have an inviting atmosphere and I just want to get out as quickly as possible. Without charting the house’s flying stars, we crossed it off our list. Afterwards, I was curious to find out more about the owner of the property and did some digging. It turns out that the owner is a funeral director which explains the discomfort I felt at the house. I would not recommend anyone move in this property without doing some cleansing ceremony and remove the willow tree in the backyard.

Tip 1. If you walk in a house and immediately feel uncomfortable, it is not the right house for you.

Tip 2. A house with good natural light is very important for the well-being of the occupants

Tip 3. No large trees or electric poles facing directly at the front door /main entrance of door.

Tip 4. Avoid a house facing a straight road, the busier the traffic is the more negative energy it will bring to the residents of the house

Tip 5. Dirty water around property

Tip 6. It is not good to see kitchen stove or bathroom from main front door.

Published by Vanessa Li

I have been study Fengshui and Bazi for several years.

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