Reading Donald Trump’s Natal Chart Part 2 With 2020 Election Forecast



Starting from 2013, Ji earth DM entered Xin Chou luck pillar. Ji DM met with the completed Chou Wei Xu the three full bullying punishment formation and a clash of Chou Wei. With these formations, earth (Ji DM’s self element) became very strong. Now we can understand why Ji DM could withstand difficult situations, gain supporters and had strength facing its rivals. In the election year of 2016, year of Bing Shen, with Bing being Ji Dm’s direct resource and Shen being his expressing star, Ji DM utilized his resource and persuasive public speeches to win the election.

For comparison, let’s take quick look at his number one opponent Hillary Clinton’s chart to further understand the result of the election.

Screen Shot 2018-04-18 at 4.49.26 PM
DM Wu earth was born in Xu month with Bing and Ding resource stars in Heavenly Stems and Chen in Earthly Branches, we can conclude that this Wu DM is quite strong. Therefore, her favorable elements would be wood (Yin-represents her husband) and water (Hai – wealth star). Metal can bring mixed results. Her unfavorable elements would be Fire and Earth. During the election, her luck pillar is strong fire Ding Si which is her unfavorable element. Additionally, Si Yin the six harm occurred. This resulted in hurting her most favorable element Yin in her chart. During the election year of 2016 Bing Shen, Bing further strengthened the fire, and Shen clashed with Yin and harmed Hai. When favorable elements are being harmed or clashed, it dramatically has a bad impact on the person. Yin and Hai no longer has the ability to help the DM. As a result, she lost the election.

2020 Election Forecast

Lastly, I would like to do a quick analysis on the coming election which will be held in 2020 the year of Geng Zi. Starting from next year Ji Hai (2019), Ji DM’s luck starts to turn against him, a very strong opponent appears and combines with his power star Jia, Hai clashes with his resource star Si.  This certainly will bring a negative impact for Ji DM’s reelection campaign. Now, when we add the pillar Geng Zi of the election year and luck pilla Xin Chou to Ji Earth DM’s chart, we see the flow of the chart changes: Geng Clashes with Jia-Ji earth’s power star. As a result the clash breaks Jia Ji combination. Second, there are six harm Zi Wei and Zi wu clash formations. Ji is no longer in harmony with the power element Jia. Additionally, the approch of 2021- year of Xin Chou Fu Yin with Luck Pilllar plus Ji DM enters Chou grave would bring even more unfavorable events to him.  Consequently the chance of him wining the election is not high.

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