Reading Donald Trump’s Natal Chart Part 1


Gender: Male
DOB: Obtained from
Day Master/DM: Ji yin earth.
Missing element: water, hidden metal elements
Chinese zodiac animal: dog
Combinations: Jia Ji, Si Wu Wei fire three directional combination, Xu Wu partial harmony

Important Statement: This post is purely for bazi study and discussion. Please no comments regarding political views or offensive languages. Thanks.

Ji yin earth DM was born in Wu fire month. The Ji earth is considered as strong. At the first glance, we immediately see that the two dominant elements in this chart are fire and earth. Then we see the three directional fire combination which confirms that the fire is the most dominant element in this chart. Fire is the direct resource for the Ji earth. Since Jia Ji combines to form earth, we can conclude that this is a following resource chart with strong Self/DM element. Most favorable elements are fire, earth. The person with this chart would have great resource to achieve success over all. Since the DM Ji combines with Jia power element, which also indicates that this DM would be likely achieving high rank in political career. In life, most of the people’s charts fall into the normal chart category. There are limited number of people whose charts belong to the special chart category. The special chart category includes following charts and super vibrant chart. Any person with a true following chart tends to have great success and fame in life even when the big luck cycles are not most favorable. However, this doesn’t mean that they do not have difficulties or conflicts like any other people. They do experience up and downs in life and challenges as life is rarely perfect! Furthermore, all special charts share one trait which is very in-balanced 5 elements by either missing one or two elements or having two polarized strengthened elements. Missing or having very weak elements also indicates lack of the quality of that elements.

The person with this chart is very intelligent, intuitive, observant, resourceful and a quick thinker and problem solver. He values independency and personal space. He is thin skinned, impatient and highly competitive. At the time he can also be very impulsive and eccentric and lacking social and communication skills. He tends to distrust people and prefers the quickest route to problem solving despite the drawbacks.

The person with this chart was born in a rich family and his family provided the resource for him to begin his own exploration. During his Wu Xu (1983 to 1992) Yang earth big luck cycle, he built his real estate empire which is no surprise as real estate is associated with earth element. He continued to expand his real estate empire into the next big luck cycle Chou Hai (1993 to 2002) earth and water. However, his real estate business encountered more challenges during this period as well as the Geng Zi big luck cycle due to both metal and water elements interrupted the flow of the following resource structure which explains the 6 bankruptcies filed during these years. However, whether these bankruptcies are part of his business strategies or the true events, we can only say that he did use his strong resource skills to overcome the difficult times. During the Geng Zi cycle, with the help of the Geng-the hurting officer star, he discovered his acting skill and became the popular figure of the media through “The Apprentice” which brought him great financial gain.

Donald Trump Part 2

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