The 10 Gods

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In Bazi reading, we often use the 10 gods (or Stars) to interpret the chart. In this post, I will briefly explain what is the meaning of the 10 gods and the relationship between the 10 gods and the DM.

  • Direct Officer/DO or Qi Sha/Seven Killings (Power/Influence) is the  element that controls Day Master/DM such as water can put out fire and earth can contain water. The same polarity as to DM is Qi Sha, the opposite polarity is DO. For Female, they represent husband or love partner. For male, they represent offsprings.  They also represent DM’s boss in work.
  • Direct Resource/DR or Indirect Resource/IR is the element that generates DM such as water gives life to wood/plants and metal comes from earth. The same polarity as to DM is IR, the opposite polarity is DR. Resource element represents DM’s mother or step mother.
  • Direct Wealth/DW or Indirect Wealth/IW is the element that DM controls such as fire can melt metal, Ax made by metal can cut wood. The same polarity as to DM is IW, the opposite polarity is DW. For male, they represent wife or lover. Wealth also represents DM’s father.
  • Friend/F or Rob Wealth/RW (Companion) is the element that is the same as the DM. The same polarity as to DM is F, the opposite polarity is RW. They represent siblings, friends, competitors.
  • Eating God/EG or Hurting officer/HO (Output) is the Expression element that DM generates such as wood produces fire. The same polarity as to DM is EG, the opposite polarity is HO. For Female, they represent DM’s children. They also represent talents, communication skills.

Published by Vanessa Li

I have been study Fengshui and Bazi for several years.

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