Wu/戊 & Ji/己 Earth Day Master

pexels-photo-762679.jpegWhile Wu Yang earth represents mountains, strong rock walls, or the solid earth containing rivers (Ren/壬 Yang water), lakes.., Ji yin earth represents garden soil– produce crops (Yi乙 Yin wood), brings food to our tables.

If a Wu day master is strong, we can picture it as deep and solid earth. Its most important purpose would be to contain a large body of the water which are used as irrigation or performing other vital tasks. Its second purpose would be to give breeding grounds for the large trees (Jia甲 Yang wood). If a Wu day master is weak, it means the earth is loose and shallow. It can not holds water nor grow large trees, it will be best used as garden soil and grow some vegetables, flower plants (Yi Yin wood) to holds the soil to prevent soil loss. If the Wu earth is born in winter, it needs the sun(Best Bing Yang Fire)  to warm it up.  On the contrary, If the Wu is born in the hot summer, then it needs water (Ren or Gui water) to even the temperature.

Comparing to Wu earth, Ji is soft, loose and moist soil which is perfect for growing vegetables,flowers and brushes. We can also see Ji earth as a small portion of the Wu earth. It can’t contain large body of the water. If a Ji day master is strong, we can see it as Wu earth, which has the ability to support large trees’s roots system. If a Ji day master is weak, then it is best to see some friends (Wu戊 yang earth) to help the Ji or the roots of Yi Yin wood to holds the soil together, and not having any Jia near the day master. Same as the Wu earth, if the Ji is born in winter, it needs the Sun to warm up the soil.

Now let’s take a look at Earth’s characteristics. In general, Earth symbolizes trustworthy. Well balanced earth day masters tend to be truthful, loyal, generous and friendly. They have great endurance to difficult situation and tolerance to others’ faults. While Wu earth can be inflexible and prefer routines, they can lose opportunities due to this nature. On the other hand, Ji earth is more flexible and acceptable. They are attentive and caring. They can be great providers to their family and close friends.

In health, Wu represents stomach and Ji represents spleen.

Published by Vanessa Li

I have been study Fengshui and Bazi for several years.

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