Bing/丙& Ding丁 Fire Day Master

pexels-photo-417142.jpegWhile Bing Yang fire is pictured as Sun, Ding yin fire is seen as candle light, lamp light..

We all know that Sun brings warmth, light to our world and also  photosynthesis for all the plants. A Bing day master is best to be born during daytime especially during Sunrise. During that time, it is not too hot and the sun provides perfect light for everything. If a Bing day master is born in the evening, then it loses its purpose. It may still contain warmth, but won’t able to provide light.

Comparing Sun light, Ding yin fire is a weak fire.  A candle light can’t compete with the Bing Sun light during day time. However, when sun goes down, candle light become very important. It provides light and warmth in dark cold place. Therefore, it is best for a Ding day master to come to this world in the evening then it can best serve its purpose.

Now let’s take a look at Fire’s characteristics:  in general, fire symbolizes courtesy, good manners. Well balanced fire people are passionate, impulsive, energetic, artistic /art lover, good at expressing themselves and generally great public speakers. Their mood can change very quickly and become quite aggressive or provocative when being agitated. They are not a person who backs up from a fight though they are never a bully. They always look for happiness and satisfaction and love being the center of the attention. In most case, they are social creatures especial for Bing day master.

In health, Bing represents small intestine and Ding represents heart. Too strong or too weak fire day master can have heart and small intestine related health problems.

Published by Vanessa Li

I have been study Fengshui and Bazi for several years.

3 thoughts on “Bing/丙& Ding丁 Fire Day Master

  1. I don’t understand a thing. I’m born Ox Yin Fire. So I’m Ding. What i don’t understand is, if Chinese Astrology says that we have both Yin and Yang, means that my year (and element) is Yin Fire EXCLUSIVELY or means my year is Yin Fire (more) AND Yang Fire less? (Same with other 3 pillars elements)


    1. Ox is your zodiac sign (in year pillar). The heavenly stem in Day pillar represents you = your Day Master, not year pillar. In Bazi/four pillars reading, the day pillar represents oneself and how the other (year, month, hour) pillars interact with day pillar.


  2. Hi Venessa,

    I would like to ask for your help. I have 7Ks rooted and also a DO in my spouse palace. However there is also a clash with my DO. One of my 7K is also sitting on top of a peach blossom star. This is giving me such a headache and heartache, can I ask what it means? I had never been in a relationship before but would love too. I’m a person who would love someone very deeply, but yet very sensitive and do not want to be hurt..could you please advise? Thank date of birth is June 14, 1995.


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